My Kind

Step from the dark bright ocean

Cradled by the interior wave

Under the song so long time gone

Come outnumber the days I have waited


So many suns

Erased them

So grey-faced

I have faced them

League upon league

I have turned them

Awaiting my kind


My kind

My kind

My kind of girl


I conjure you 

And you produce me

An off-white heir

for my vanity

Come down from the beams

Stardust M'am


Make her my kind

My kind


There and then

Wide ocean end

Break into another world


If tomorrow I'm gone

I know you'll carry on 

And me out on a radio wave


Step, step down from the dark bright ocean

Bleed your shape where you stand

Rise from the grasses where all Earth time passes

Like a wind through the land


It's high time

Hight time

My kind

My kind of girl


My kind 

My Kind 

My kind