It's Now or Never Loves

Now when the famous

anchor went up in tongues

was laughing led out of studio one

Oh he turned to wave 'good by my friends & all

look for me at the head of the sun

I'm surely severed loves'!


Outside the boy 

barker who dumbly displays

his bored arrow to Subway

O he let it to the pavement and to one and all

'I will not point the way to the grave

now or ever loves'


From out the deep

the porpoise suicides come

through all manner of jetsam

to a pier where man on holiday

would lean to his navel reflection

hear 'now or never loves'


Now finally the bride of the Primrose Parade

on the float Monsanto sprayed

steps beyond the poisoned moats of her petticoats 

'O, loves I have led you astray

turn this serpent round

pass the flower kids my crowns

and go move in the way of the sun

though i wither your work is begun'


And with that in petals she fell to the stage

In the system the feedback raged:


'Now or never loves 

now or never loves

now or never loves'