My 2 $

My friends, the presidents I pass away

Haunt all corners {& coroners} of my current state

In no clearer measure of my living will

This is my two dollar bill


I feel it far less matters who I'll vote for

Than the thing I put the dollar towards 

I know by now they factory farm the hill

This is my two dollar bill

This is my two dollar bill


ZInc Lincoln turned round Jefferson

to Roosevelt in time

Pass on any to a bad man

You aid and abet the crime


Can a Washington redeem a Jefferson?

Withholding yes and with care putting in

They'll double meaning oh I know they will


When we say 'so long Coca Cola

Look what you've done in Columbia and India etc etc


Set free my winged Nike

and all the slaves who kept her company'


When we cut off those Monsantoes 

Of this world who must not give a fuck

Who'd shoot their own ma for a buck.


My friends, do add amendments to this bill of mine

If I come to your town somewhere down the line

I'd gladly pass on the mic as a feather quill


To sign the two dollar bill

say 'this is my two dollar bill

This is my two dollar bill'

Say 'this is mine oh this is mine oh this is mine...'